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 Flame *Canon, notable horse of the Haven era*

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PostSubject: Flame *Canon, notable horse of the Haven era*   Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:14 pm

Name: Flame
Age: Two years
Gender: Colt
Appearance: Flame is a chestnut. His color is bright and striking, hence his name. He is slightly smaller than average, but his bulky build, inherited from his father, makes up for it.
Personality: Flame is quite selfless, and very kind to others. His urge to run, inherited from his mother, as well as his high maturity level, make him quite the horse.
Notable deed(s): Flame is Duchess's son. During the escape from the humans, to most horses' surprise, he was quite able to keep up with the main group. When other horses were arguing over the leadership of the herds, Flame expressed his willingness to become a lone stallion rather than fight for the position of stallion to a herd.
My pickiness about him, from 1-10: Seven. He's Duchess's son, after all. I require at least a medium length, correctly worded RP sample if you're going to get him, and the longer and more interesting the sample is, the better your chances. Also, if you're don't use him for more than two weeks, and don't give any reason, he'll be put up for adoption again.
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Flame *Canon, notable horse of the Haven era*
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