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 Sam *Canon; Notable horse of the Haven Era*

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PostSubject: Sam *Canon; Notable horse of the Haven Era*   Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:38 pm

Name: Sam
Age: Ten years
Gender: Gelding
Appearance: Sam has a gray coat, with dark rings around his eyes and a dark muzzle. He is not a very striking horse; he is of average size and build, with nothing in particular to call attention to him.
Personality: Sam is a very easygoing horse; he seldom objects to anything, and if he does his objections are never very forceful. He cares very much about his friends, and, although he probably will never realize it, he would not hesitate to do a noble deed for them.
Notable deed(s): Sam, being in the pasture when the first band of horses left to follow Duchess, immediately volunteered to stay in the pasture and tell the next day's horses which way to go, even at the risk of his own freedom.
My pickiness about him, from 1-10: Three. I'll need a short RP sample, just to make sure you have good grammar and spelling skills, but it doesn't need to be perfect.
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Sam *Canon; Notable horse of the Haven Era*
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