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 History: Before the Haven

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PostSubject: History: Before the Haven   Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:11 am

Before the Haven was formed, most horses were owned by humans. They allowed humans on their backs, they earned money for their owners, and in exchange were housed and fed. However, the horses were not notified of the arrangement beforehand; in fact, it did not matter whether they wished to take part in it or not. The horses were "tamed" for many years, traditionally submitting to the humans' wishes. But one day, a stable-full of horses realized their position.

They plotted their escape for a long time, but it would likely never have happened had it not been for one thing. A gray Hanoverian mare formally named A Rosewood Home, but known to her friends as Rosewood, was led out of the stable one day and never returned. However, for quite a while the horses had better quality feed, and new hay nets were bought. This led Duchess, a chestnut Morgan mare and Beauty's close friend, to believe that the horses' owner had traded Beauty for the nice things. This, naturally, made her extremely angry, and one day she managed, after many tries, to leap over the pasture fence. She immediately galloped away.

The other horses discussed Duchess's escape in the stable that night, and came to a conclusion. The next day, the group of horses put in the pasture leaped over the fence and ran, a horse that had seen Duchess escape through the stable window guiding them in the right direction. One horse stayed in the pasture, however, to tell the next day's horses which way to go.

The owner of the ranch was absent, and the human in charge was on a visit, leaving the care of the horses to the grooms and trainers. These had no authority to alter the ranch in any way, and so all horses escaped over the fence.

After traveling for a few days, the first band of horses caught up with Duchess. The second band later caught up with the group, and so it went until all the horses were reunited. They stopped at several stables, helping more horses to escape, before coming into a place without humans.

At the very heart of the place, Duchess stopped the group, telling them that their new home was here. She, having started the rebellion, was the acknowledged leader of the horses, and they agreed. Duchess went on to say that the band should be broken up into herds, as in days of old, and that she herself would be the lead mare of a herd called the Rosewood Tribe, in honor of her friend. Furthermore, she ordered all the horses to swear that though they might battle each other, they would not be enemies, only rivals; that they would help each other in times of common need; and that they would protect this safe haven from threats, especially humans, even to the death. They swore.

And that is how the Haven began.
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History: Before the Haven
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