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 Your Favorite Horse

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PostSubject: Your Favorite Horse   Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:02 pm

This is a conversation starter. Who is your favorite real life horse? Are they a stallion or a mare? Maybe a gelding? How old are they? What is their name? What color are they? Why do you like this horse?

Okay, I always hate it when someone gives me a worksheet like that, so just brag. Talk about the horse and how awesome they are. Here's mine.

My favorite horse is named Duchess, and I named the lead mare of the Rosewood Tribe after her. She's basically the exact horse I described in the Rosewood Tribe thread, but in case you don't want to go there, I'll post it here. Duchess is a Morgan. She's chestnut, and a beautiful girl. She has a star, but it's pretty small. She's a bit smaller than most horses, so sometimes she trips when she's going over poles. She's kinda old; around 30, but I'm not sure exactly how old. She loves to run. If you're riding her and you want a trot, you only have to TOUCH her with your legs and she trots. She's fast, too. After a trot, she gets all excited and tries to start trotting again. I LOVE HER.

Now, how about you?
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Your Favorite Horse
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