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A wild horse roleplay for anyone who loves horses.
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 Solace Weyr, a literate pern rp

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PostSubject: Solace Weyr, a literate pern rp   Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:17 pm

Staff Sporelett, Creator
Now hiring!

Solace Weyr is a non-canon Pern site that has only just opened.
Taking place on the southern continent, the story revolves around
a group of radical-minded riders determined to prevent secrets
from the future and past from altering Pernese life and customs.

New ranks are available both for creation and adoption alongside
traditional colours, including blacks, reds and irons in addition
to everything from green to bronze. Characters of all kinds are wanted!

A new clutch is now hardening on the sands — the first of the site.
The reigning Weyrqueen's clutch of thirteen looks healthy, and
candidates are being Searched frantically for the upcoming hatching.

Upcoming events include a contest to win the position of Senior
Wherwoman and an advertising contest in which everyone can
participate for the chance to win marks and other prizes. In addition, a
clutch of nine firelizard eggs is just about to hatch on the coast near
Solace. There's no time to move them, but you might just Impress
a flit if you move fast enough!
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Solace Weyr, a literate pern rp
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