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A wild horse roleplay for anyone who loves horses.
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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:43 am


1. BE REALISTIC. This site follows realism rules. That means no rainbow horses, no unicorns, etc.

2. DO NOT POWERPLAY. Powerplaying happens when you make attacks auto-hit. You aim to hit. The other player decides whether it hits or not. It is also powerplaying to control another player's character.

3. DO NOT GODMOD. Godmodding is when you make every attack on your horse miss. Your character is not invincible. If it is in a battle, it will get hurt.

4. USE CORRECT POST FORMAT. Some examples of incorrect format: 'I trotted to the group. "Hi!" I neighed.', 'Silver trots to the group. "Hi!" she neighs.', or '*trots to the group* Hi!' Correct post format looks like this: 'Silver trotted to the group. "Hi!" she neighed.' Third person, past tense, quotation marks around speech.

5. ILLNESSES AND INJURIES: Illnesses and injuries are part of a horse's life. You can make your horse get sick or injured yourself, but sometimes I will message you saying that one of your horses has gotten sick or been injured. These messages are RANDOM. I will specify what type of illness or injury your horse has, and how long it will last. If you get one of these messages, please do not ignore it.

6. MATING AND FOALING: In accordance with In General Rule #2, mating scenes are not allowed to be graphic. You can 'fade out' and then 'fade in' again in the next post, or you can simply say they have mated, but not roleplay it out. Foaling is at least a year later in real life, but you probably don't want to wait that long. To have foaling earlier, you can timeskip, or double-time it if you're more patient.

7. HERDS: Herds can be stolen. If the stallion of a herd fights with another stallion and loses, the mares and foals in the losing stallion's herd belong to the winning stallion.

8. MARE STEALING: If a stallion doesn't want to fight another stallion to gain mares, there is another option: mare stealing. The stealing stallion must message the player of the mare, saying which of their horses is being stolen. They must also give them the link to a topic. The mare's player must then post in the topic, and in the topic where the mare was before, saying '(Mare's name) was stolen'. The stallion that was stolen from must then try to find the mare. If your horse is stolen, please do not be upset!

9. DEATH: Death happens. In accordance with Rule #1, horses can only live to be a maximum of 35 years. One game year lasts one real month.


1. DO NOT SWEAR. As stated below, this site is PG, and swearing, either IC or OOC, is not allowed.

2. BE POLITE. If someone does not accept you into their horse's herd, do not be rude. If someone does not agree to have their horse have a foal with your horse, do not be rude. You get the idea.

3. DO NOT BEG TO BECOME STAFF. I pick staff members when they are needed. I pick active, helpful members to be staff. If you are not picked, try harder. Being staff is a privilege, not a right.

4. DO NOT CAUSE DRAMA. If you post 'I'm leaving the site because everyone here hates me!' it is causing drama. If you post 'No one gets warned when they break the rules except me!' it is causing drama. Don't do it.


1. USE CORRECT ENGLISH. If you cannot spell correctly or use correct grammar most of the time, this site is not for you. It's nothing personal, and I understand if English is not your first language, or if there is some other reason you cannot manage this, but if your posts have so many spelling/grammar mistakes that other members have to decode them, it is breaking this rule.

2. THIS SITE IS PG. Do not post anything above PG level. This means no graphic mating scenes and no swearing, either IC or OOC.
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Site Rules
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